Rotterdam based trio Certain Animals serves you melodic rock filled with vocal harmonies. It is no secret what music the band members listen to at home. The musical giants of the 60’s and 70’s occupy their turntables on a regular basis, as well as the fuzzy and phasey sounds of contemporary bands such as Tame Impala. Or, as MusicMaker magazine puts it: “Their own (undoubtedly long and continuous) research into The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young has left its trace, but above all Certain Animals pave their own way with their intelligently constructed compositions and invariably polyphonic work.” Without being stuck in the past, and with a critical view on the present, the band provides a unique sound that translates to an energetic live show filled with both intimate moments and explosive outbursts.


After building their own recording studio in the former red-light district in the port of Rotterdam, the self-produced debut album ‘Songs To Make You Move’ was released in September 2020 via label TCBYML. The record has been received with open arms by the music press and major national radio stations. Besides getting very positive reviews in prominent music magazines such as OOR, Lust For Life, MusicMaker, Soundz and Heaven, all released singles are being played on NPO Radio 1, NPO Radio 2, NPO Radio 5, and NPO 3FM. A live performance at Dutch radio legend Leo Blokhuis’ show on NPO Radio 2 follows soon after, and single ‘Too Long’ receives a spot in the Verrukkelijke 15 list by Leo Blokhuis and Rob Stenders. Again and again, each album track is granted a place in the New Music Friday, New Alternative, Made in NL and Festival Party editorial playlists by Spotify. A dedicated role is reserved for Dutch TV presenter Henny Huisman, who plays the leading part in the video for ‘Strawberry Sunset’, which even lands the band a spot on the front page of, one of Hollands largest news outlets. Right across the border, Flemish radio station Studio Brussel also catches wind of Certain Animals. Living music encyclopedia Stijn van de Voorde is quickly enamoured: “Follow Certain Animals and their debut album ‘Songs To Make You Move’ closely!” Meanwhile, across the sea, British station Amazing Radio also gives the band airplay in the United Kingdom.


As for live shows, Certain Animals has built a sizeable reputation with shows on renowned festivals such as Oerol, Zwarte Cross, Bevrijdingsfestival, Mañana Mañana, Big Rivers, and in venues such as De Doelen, Paard, Rotown, Sugarfactory, Hedon, Luxor Live, Gebr. De Nobel, and many more. Beyond that, the band can claim successful tours in Belgium and Germany. Although the COVID-19 pandemic currently precludes live performances, the band is all but feeling the blues. As it suits the three men from Rotterdam, their second album is already well underway.


Press quotes:


“Certain Animals, something that’s booming!” – Annemieke Schollaardt, NPO Radio 2.


“A band to cherish, if you ask me!” – Leo Blokhuis, NPO Radio 2.


“Some sort of blend between 1967 and the Oasis-era. Sounds great, as usual!” – Rob Stenders, NPO Radio 2.


“It’s good and yet it comes from The Netherlands! Follow Certain Animals closely!” – Stijn van de Voorde, Studio Brussel.


“Debut album to pass through a ring. Frighteningly strong melodies and mighty choirs.” – Willem Jongeneelen, OOR Magazine.


“A heck of a debut album! Vintage-modern craftsmanship.” – Arnoud Bodde, MusicMaker.


“Rock as rock’s supposed to be: spontaneous, harmonious, exuberant and always with a live feel.” – Leo Blokhuis, Soundz Magazine.


“Phenomenal debut.” – Chris van Oostrom, Lust For Life Magazine.


© Susie Q Vintage Photography