Certain Animals
melodic, harmonious rock with 70's influences

For their second full-length album, Certain Animals have delved even deeper into their quest for what they consider to be good music. Drenched in a vast knowledge of their musical heroes from the 60s and 70s like Electric Light Orchestra, Supertramp and of course The Beatles, the band takes you on an eclectic and emotional musical journey through a pastoral past.

On Arts & Crafts the band displays their view of life without hesitations or pretentiousness, and are open, honest and full of love about what that brings them. Love and hope, and their counterparts, mourning and loss, are presented on this record with glowing musicality. Reinforced by even more melodic polyphony than on their very well-received debut album Songs To Make You Move, and with a more pronounced role for keys and hammond, Certain Animals propagates a message of positivity, sometimes against better knowledge. Certain Animals is more accessible than ever on Arts & Crafts without making concessions. The band feels free and effortlessly combines velvety seventies melodies with roaring Hammonds, AC/DC boogies with Beatle ballads and glam rock with a gentle touch.

The self-produced debut album Songs To Make You Move sees the light in September 2020 via label TCBYML. Certain Animals’ first album is received well by the national music press, with raving reviews in all major music magazines. All singles from Songs To Make You Move as well as from the forthcoming second album enjoy airplay on national and international radio. As dutch tv and radio personality Leo Blokhuis puts it: ‘If you have such a wonderful band as Certain Animals, you play it with lots of love.’

Thijs van Leeuwen
Thijs van Leeuwenguitar & vocals
Niels-Jan van Dijk
Niels-Jan van Dijkbass & vocals
Quint Vullings
Quint Vullingshammond/keys & vocals
Rick van de Voort
Rick van de Voortdrums & vocals

Photography by Wiktoria Swidzinska

Shows played earlier:

a.o. Zwarte Cross, Mañana Mañana, Oerol, Bevrijdingsfestival, Parade, Bibelot, Gebouw-T, tours in Germany and Belgium, Popronde 2017

TV, radio and magazines:

3FM, NPO Radio 1, NPO Radio 2, NPO Radio 5, Radio Veronica, Studio Brussel, OOR, Lust For Life, MusicMaker, Soundz, HEAVEN, Verrukkelijke 15 (Leo Blokhuis
and Giel Beelen), Veronica Express, 2 Meter Sessies (Jan Douwe Kroeske), Cultuurbooster (BNN/VARA)

Sounds like:

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, The Beatles, Supertramp, Tame Impala, ELO

Press quotes:

“Certain Animals, something that’s booming!” – Annemieke Schollaardt, NPO Radio 2.

“A band to cherish, if you ask me!” – Leo Blokhuis, NPO Radio 2.

“Some sort of blend between 1967 and the Oasis-era. Sounds great, as usual!” – Rob Stenders, NPO Radio 2.

“It’s good and yet it comes from The Netherlands! Follow Certain Animals closely!” – Stijn van de Voorde, Studio Brussel.

“Debut album to pass through a ring. Frighteningly strong melodies and mighty choirs.” – Willem Jongeneelen, OOR Magazine.

“A heck of a debut album! Vintage-modern craftsmanship.” – Arnoud Bodde, MusicMaker.

“Rock as rock’s supposed to be: spontaneous, harmonious, exuberant and always with a live feel.” – Leo Blokhuis, Soundz Magazine.

“Phenomenal debut.” – Chris van Oostrom, Lust For Life Magazine.